I am an Irish writer, director and storyteller.

I make intimate and thought provoking documentaries.

Without the people I film with there would be no documentaries for me to make, which is why my focus is on developing open and trusting relationships with those I film and finding ways to translate their emotions and their stories into compelling, creative, disruptive and uplifting films with grit and heart.


Girl on the undercard


I’ve spent a large chunk of my working life on the road.  Getting my first break with RTE, the Irish state broadcaster, I got to shoot my first report in 1998 while on assignment in Albania during the conflict in Kosovo. I loved the urgency and sense of being on the frontline of stories that matter so I began working as a photographer & videographer with Irish NGO Concern’s emergency response team- documenting their field work in humanitarian crises across the globe before returning to broadcasting as a freelance producer and director.


In 2001 I spent a year in Venezuela with co-director Donnacha O’Brien, where we filmed “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”. The documentary won international acclaim and continues to be used in media courses across the world.


I now live in Ireland but was raised in Paris and speak fluent French and Spanish.

I shoot most of my own films.

You can view some of my work on Vimeo



I am currently in pre production with my company Frontline Films (www.frontlinedocs.com) on a number of TV documentaries including a year long BAI funded observational documentary series with the extraordinary Cork Life Centre for teenagers who’ve dropped out of mainstream education.

We are also working on the following two feature docs in association with Underground Films. Both with the backing of Screen Ireland.


Pure Grit (working title) An observational doc about bareback racing, life and love set on the Wind River reservation in Wyoming.

Pure Grit back cover Color      IMG_5558 (1)


Stokely, Black Power Prophet (working title)

Stokely Carmichael, aka Kwame Ture, is the flamboyant and notorious civil rights leader whose cry of ”black power” in the mid-1960’s thrilled his followers, inspired the founding of the Black Panther Party and terrified white America.

This documentary has the full support of Stokely’s son Bokar Ture and exclusive access to never before seen personal archive. It explores the life of a charismatic and controversial  man largely forgotten by history, whose electrifying moments in the national spotlight made him a revolutionary hero of his time and whose emblematic journey from nonviolent integrationist to advocate of black power still resonates in today’s racially divided America.